Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tai Zee Kin : On Negri Sembilan.

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by Tai Zee Kin

Do you know that, the original 9 "Negeri" in Negeri Sembilan were :
1.) Segamat (Now part of Johor State)
2.) Naning (Now part of Melaka State)
3.) Klang (Now part of Selangor State)
4.) Hulu Pahang (Now part of Pahang State)
5.) Jelai (Now part of Pahang State)
6.) Rembau
7.) Sungai Ujong
8.) Johol
9.) Jelebu

"Discrepancy : according to de Josselin de Jong's writing "Minangkabau and Negri Sembilan", number 4 should be Pasir Besar (today's Tampin/Gemas) instead of Hulu Pahang. However, if you follow Mohd Shah bin Mohd Said al-Haj in his book "Tambo Alam Naning", it is Hulu Pahang of Pahang instead of Pasir Besar."
Today, only 4 of the original 9 Minangkabau settled district above are still under Negeri Sembilan's jurisdiction. Also, only Undangs from these four district can choose/vote for the Yamtuan Seri Menanti (Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan). They are the 
Undang of Sungai Ujong - Dato' Mubarak Dohak
Undang of Jelebu - Dato’ Musa Abdul Wahab
Undang of Johol - Dato' Muhammad Abdullah
Undang of Rembau - Dato' Muhammad Sharif 

and these Undangs were selected from local chieftain Luaks. 
These Undangs must be of the "Biduanda" lineage, who were descendants according to the maternal lineage between original MinangKabau settlers from Pagaruyung Sumatra, and Local Orang Asli tribes of Sakai, Bersisi, Temuan, Jakun and Semang in the district of Rembau. Other than the Biduanda, you have 11 other Suku 
Batu Hampar/ Tompar
Paya Kumbuh
Tiga Nenek
Batu Belang
Tanah Datar
Anak Acheh
Anak Melaka
Tiga Batu

In ancient MinangKabau sayings among the Biduandas, there were 2 types (VERY similiar to the Dayaks, where sea dayaks were the Iban, and land dayaks were the Bidayuhs), the Land Biduandas (Semang, Jakun and Sakai side of the lineage), and Sea Biduandas (Minangkabaus side of the biduanda lineage).
The Undang's title are passed on following the maternal lineage of the family, observing a system created by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sebatang, also known as "Adat Bodi Caniago." (now commonly referred to as Adat Perpatih), as opposed the sistem propagated by his half brother Datuk Ketumanggung, known as "Adat Koto Piliang" (now, commonly refered to as Adat Temenggung). Under the Perpatih system, the Undang Title is still bestowed upon a male descendant, but following the matrilineal lineage (based on their mother).
Among their most important KPIs, is to elect the Yamtuan Seri Menanti (Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan) among the "lawfully begotten descendant of Raja Radin ibni Raja Lenggang".