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Burma : What Najib has done in haste, Burma takes it to be politics without taste!

steadyaku47 comment : What this stupid idiot of a prime minister does to his own people and to his own country within the borders of our nation can somehow be contained by a tainted AG and another idiot in the guise of the PIG (Police Inspector General).

What he does that affect another nation's sovereignty cannot! 

What he did "in support of the Rohingas" is merely politics....nothing more and nothing less. The repercussions and ramifications of his "support" for the Rohingyas has just begun and he as the country's prime minister will need to take responsibility.

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Unfit to be Prime Minister....of any country!

When I look at Najib and all those bombastic self-proclaimed Ketuanan Melayu Umno “leaders,” I do not think of Hang Tuah! Huh! All they remind me of are Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada, Mobutu Sese Seko, Robert Mugabe and His Excellency Benito Mussolini Head of Government, Duce of Fascism, and Founder of the Empire. 

Yes at one time or another they were all leaders of their people, all striding to the sound of brass bands and traveling around in motorcades flanked by armed guards. 

Leaders they might be but they were all totally oblivious to the look of contempt and disgust from the very masses that they consider themselves to be Lord and Master over. 

Totally oblivious of the massive harm they have done to the country they ruled. Totally oblivious to the crumbling ruins of their government because all they see are the trappings of power and their personal needs. Never the misery of the people they rule. 

I want you all to understand this. When in power these kinds of leaders will do what they want. They would not investigate themselves. MACC, the AG, the Judiciary and PDRM (among other Government entities) are there to ensure that these leaders are given the means and leeway to do what they want. 

And what they want is to stay in power and make money for themselves and their cronies.  
Singapore is one of the world’s most prosperous countries with strong international trading links with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe. Malaysia has the most prosperous politicians and strong family links to these politicians will ensure that your personal capita GDP will be equally properous, if not better than that of many African Politicians with similar inclinations to rob their own country blind. 

Transparency International Corruption Perception Index of the past 16 years puts Malaysia as the worst country in Asia-Pacific. Malaysia is the 7th most corrupt nation in Asia. 

Corruption is common among the country's political and business class. Bribery and other corrupt practices pose major problems for companies operating in Malaysia. The business of government is equally corrupt. So while Singapore has taken the high road, Najib has taken the low road and he has, unfortunately, taken us along for the ride. 

This man is unfit to be our leader. Unfit to be the Prime Minister of our country. He would have a hard time holding on to a position as Manager of any decent size organization where decency, honesty, and integrity are required of its employees....not to mention ethics and morality (I said NOT to mention ethics and morality - these are values unknown to these Umno leaders!)

But in UMNO Najib thrives! 

He is their President! 

He can fool UMNO, he can fool the Attorney General of Malaysia, he can fool the IGP, he can fool the Cabinet (though one can argue that the closing of one eye and the shutting of the other has the same effect!) – but try as hard as he can, he will not fool us and of course he cannot fool his wife. After all it takes a thief to catch another thief…birds of a feather flocks together…get my drift? 

Why is Najib unfit to be our Prime Minister? Let me count the ways….. 

Hands down the tragic murder of Altantuya tops the list. Don’t ask me about it because I am bias. Go ask that Indian kachang putih seller, the Pak Chik selling satay by the roadside or that Chinese guy selling Yong Tau Foo at the market in Lucky Gardens each morning. Ask them about Najib and Altantuya. This is what they say: 


No need to swear in the mosque, no need to discredit Bala’s SD, no need to say that the murderers have already been caught, gone to trial and have been sentenced. The damming thing is this Najib – YOU know that WE know that YOU are involved somehow and somewhere in that sordid saga of the RM$500 million submarine commission for Razak Baginda and in the murder of Altantuya. Whether the facts are made known during your time, your children time or your children's children time is to be seen. The truth shall prevail but you will not. 

Under your watch, MACC murdered Teoh Beng Hock while he was under their custody. PDRM bludgeon Kugan to death and shot Aminurasyid to death! All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. You Najib did not even try! A political police force? Is that what PDRM has become? Huh! If today PDRM has become a tool for the survival of UMNO and BN then be assured that after the 13th General Election the people will claim back PDRM and not leave it to be the force of evil that PDRM has now become but cleanse it to become once again a Force for good. 

This is also the same Najib that made an offer of RM$5 Million to the people of Rejang Park during By-Election time to elect BN's Robert Lau. Truly a courageous (in politician lingo that means stupid!) and remarkable (in our lingo this also means stupid!) attempt by our Prime Minister to BUY a by-election. An enlightened electorate rejected his offer. 

During Najib’s stint as Minister of Defense the procurement of arms and equipment became an ‘art form’ that impacted favorably on the financial well-being of his and UMNO's cronies. 

Ministry of Defense signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 12 Eurocopter EC725 Cougar helicopters for the sum of RM2.3 billion. Brazil paid only RM$1.2 billion for 50 units of the same mode. 

Sukhoi Fighters. 18 Sukhoi Fighter Jets were bought for RM3.2 billion. A 12 percent commission of RM380 million was paid to its local agent IMT Defence Sdn Bhd whose Chairman was Adib Adam, former Chief Minister of Malacca. The same Malacca that once had an UMNO child molester as its Chief Minister. 

Naval Patrol Boat. Ministry of Defense paid out RM4.26 billion to PSC-Naval Dockyard for only RM2.87 billion of work done. The Malaysian cabinet waived late penalties of RM214 million. 14 progressive payments amounting to RM943 million was paid out to PSC-Naval Dockyard without payment vouchers or relevant documents dealing with the payments. The technical incompetence of PSC-Naval Dockyard to undertake the contract can be confirmed by the fact that PSC had never built anything but trawlers and Police boats before being given the contract by Najib. 

Missing Jet Engines Two fighter aircraft engines from the Royal Malaysian Air Force went missing in May 2008. Enough said. 

Any individual that is involved in any one of the above truly shameful straight out grab for the Rakyat's money would not be considered for employment at any reputable business entity. In Malaysia he becomes our Prime Minister! Camna ni? Does that not make him an unfit person to be Prime Minister of our country? I rest my case. 

steadyaku47 comment : I wrote the above article  in December 2010 and a lot has happened since know what they tak payah saya buat kerja dua. kali....add in these new happenings yourself. 

I have adjusted this posting from the older one to take into consideration that Mahathir is now on OUR side.....if you want to read the original posting is the link : 

Quickies : The Prophecy.

Dula the RAHMAN prophecy:


Abdul Razak
Hussein Onn

Jeng jeng jeng....Sudah  habis untuk Umno. Umno di kuborkan.....


Sekarang the MAHATHIR prophecy:

Anwar Ibrahim
.......dan lain lain. 

Laughter....Tolong menolong....

Mamat Karim....cakap cakap.

I have an older cousin....much much older than me....who also has an FB page and we keep in touch through social media. The last I heard was that he is somewhere living in Kajang...  or KL....and before this he was in Kuala Pilah. they say, have car will travel. Like me, Mamat was spared the tedious efforts you need to expand to pass exams.  After Form Five (in his case) and HSC (in mine) we focussed more on life than in any further studies. Here is the latest exchange between Mamat and me on FB this morning.....just sharing aja!

Page 18 of today's Star under 'Focus'. PM's enthusiastic perhimpunan jalanan 'Solidarity for Rohingya' shows immaturity of diplomacy. Guess he was riding on the self perceived acclaimation of success in the recent general assembly.

Hussein Abdul Hamid
Hussein Abdul Hamid Mohamad Abdul Karim...Mat where the hell did you come up with that phrase "self perceived acclaimation of success" ? Aku pass HSC and that is a bit tinggi daripada your Form Five (I think....) and I also went to London for further studies....ya lah aku tak pass anything in London but a lot of "speaking" my question is the hell do you come up with those kind of phrases.....I am impressed! Aisehman aku kena respect lah! Tabek cousin.
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Mohamad Abdul Karim
Mohamad Abdul Karim Off the back of my head bagus aje...😁😆😨

Hussein Abdul Hamid
Hussein Abdul Hamid Mohamad Abdul Karim Mat the last time I looked, there is not much hair at the back of your camna?


Safiah Mustafa i can't help laughing at the two of you nih... gosh..

Safiah Mustafa
Safiah Mustafa moral of the story.. no need to go to London .. Malaysia sini pun boleh... haha
Hussein Abdul Hamid
Hussein Abdul Hamid Safiah Mustafa These days the senior uncles (Mat and me lah!) are figures of fun and laughter for the younger ones (Safiah lah)....such is life!

cakap cakap...of Umno, Perhimpuan Agong and Najib.

For those Umno Malays who have tried to make a stand for good governance, a stand against corruption and money politics, a stand against all the abuse and misuse of political power and failed...and then decided that if you cannot beat them....join them....I can only say that maybe you should have tried harder.

Among these people I can put Sharir Abdul Samad when he resigned as chairman of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club "to maintain the integrity of parliamentarians and Parliament" so Sharir says. There was also Ahmad Zahid Hamidi when, as ketua pemuda in the 1997 Umno General Assembly, he spoke out against Mahathir and called out for an end to cronyism and nepotism in the BN government.

There are others but for most of them, including Sharir and Zahid, the spoils of political power and the lure of dedak are just too strong to ignore, and they capitulate.

For those once Umno Malays who are still trying...Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Anwar Ibrahim and a few others....I can only say try harder and  "we are with you!".

The Rakyat, in particular the Malays, are being pulled both ways

Some are on the side of Umno because of their beliefs. Their beliefs that Umno is for the Malays, that Umno is good for Islam....and that as a Malay and Muslim they can do nothing less than to support Umno come what may.

And then there are some among us that have seen enough of bad governance, of corruption, of money politics and of arrogant and self-serving leaders. Whatever the odds, whatever the price, whatever the consequences and whatever the personal sacrifices required...we have decided that enough is enough and we are now prepared to work with anyone, of any religion, of any race, of any political persuasion, to make change possible.

And then there are those who are undecided, unconcerned and not bothered one way or the other as to what will happen to government, to our people, to our nation and to our future. Their numbers are small and we will not concern ourselves with them for there are too few of them to make a difference to matter....and if in the future they are inclined to join our ranks...we will still welcome them.

The prevailing wind favors change. 

America, UK, the Philippine, Indonesia, Burma and in many other countries, corrupt, arrogant leaders whose party have been too long in power are losing elections or are being hounded out of office by their own people whom have grown tired of their excesses.

No greater a barometer of impending change in Malaysia has been demonstrated then at the latest perhimpunan agong umno that ended a few days back. 

In that Assembly, their embattled president, Najib Razak, talked not about the future of the Malays, not about the hope of all Malaysians nor that of our Nation. Instead, Najib Razak was reduced to beseeching ALLAH to bestow HIS blessing upon Umno and by inference, upon himself as it's president.....and just in case ALLAH was not listening to his plea....Najib demanded or should I say begged...for the unwavering support of Umno for himself and for what he was going to do in the name of Umno, for Umno and to Umno .......and that was the sum of his message to the faithfuls in Umno.

No Najib Razak, he says, no future for Umno for the Malays, for Malaysians and for Malaysia. The audacity of this wife of Rosmah Mansor astounds me!

And yet there was no open revolt from Pemuda Umno. No faction within Umno signaled their intentions to bring about change to an Umno's leadership structure riddled with self-serving myopic sycophantic dedak addicts!  No surat terbang, no hastily authored "books" to embarrass Najib, no open dissent and certainly no covert attempts to drive a wedge between Naijb and his deputy

So what was there at the Assembly that one can take to be an indication of things to come for Malaysia, for Umno and for Najib?

What is to come to Umno has been played out many many times in history. The fall of Rome, the fall of great civilizations, the ruin that Hitler inflicted upon his own people and upon his own country and in recent times, if my memory serves me right, almost all the major political parties in the free world, at one time or another, have won great victory at the polls and then invariably sooner or later, found themselves voted out of office or unceremoniously thrown out of political power by the very same people that have given them that political power!  


Because without exception, familiarity breeds contempt.....and when familiarity brings with it religious and racial discord, brings with it arrogant and greedy men and women and causes the destruction of a life we have grown comfortable and familiar with...then what are we to do but dismiss them from our midst! And that is where Umno is now at!

And all this we saw at the Umno Assembly that ended a few days back. 

We saw a political party no longer in touch with the mood and wants of the people. We saw the arrogance of its leaders that thinks themselves the be all and end all of what our people and our nation needed to remain relevant and competitive in an increasingly unforgiving world of sovereign nations all aspiring to be better that others. Umno does not seems to know that they are the very reason why our people and nation are now heading south towards a failed nation, towards economic Armageddon and towards having as our prime minister a man already branded a cheat, a liar, a thief a robber and a pariah to his peers on the world stage. 

All this we know but Umno does not. All this we know is reality but Umno continues to live in a fantasy parallel world that divides "them" from "us". And for that Umno deserves to be politically neutered! 

End of story!

Lagi soalan dari Sopian Ahmad!

Report: Foreign investors dumping more M'sia equity.
[foreign investments bursa malaysia
5 Dec 2016.]
The net amount of Malaysian equity sold by foreign investors amounts to -RM780.5 million, up 58.2 percent from the week before (-RM493.3 million).
According to a report by MIDF Research's strategy team, this amounts to a "heavy tide" out of Malaysian equity, which was less evident in other Asian markets.

Pelabor asing telah menjual saham pelaboran mereka diMalaysia bernilai RM780.5 juta. Ini adalah satu kenaikkan pembuangan saham Malaysia sebanyak 58.2% daripada seminggu lepas.

MIDF berkata dibursa bursa lain di Asia tidak lah selebat itu pelabur menjual saham meraka.

Saya nak tanya orang kerajaan najib:
Berita ini fitnah juga ka?
MIDF pun kita tak boleh percayaka?
Awat mereka tak taat setia kpd pemimpin?
Mengapa MIDF tak berwalaq dengan pemimpin dan president parti yg memerentah?
Awat depa dok melalak?
Kalu lagu ni PNB nak bagi berapa % untuk ASB tahun ini?

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SarawakReport : Taib's "YOUNG" wife been married twice before marrying him! Same as FLOM kut!

Celestial Justice For Taib Mahmud?

5 December 2016

Growing control... Ragad has started to inevitably dominate her elderly husband....
Growing control… Ragad has started to inevitably dominate her elderly husband….
What would a wise and heavenly judge mete out as punishment to a man, who had desecrated Paradise and left its people’s destitute to fuel his own greed and power?
Would they strike him down with some cruel disease like cancer? Or arrange for him to be arrested, tried and jailed: his assets confiscated?
Or might they rescue this man from death only to subject him to an even more sobering, troubling and lengthy ordeal as he begins to realise that all he lusted for must turn to dust, like he himself?  Might they condemn this selfish monster to a prolonged taste of his own medicine, as the target of another being every bit as selfish and greedy as himself, in order to torment him as he reaches out for help, love and respect in his old age?
In which case, Governor Taib Mahmud has finally met a subtle and divine justice in the form of his increasingly powerful and domineering much younger wife Ragad.
Sarawak Report has now received extensive evidence about the situation in which Sarawak’s ageing Governor now finds himself, as the victim of an arranged marriage to a serial exploiter, who counts openly together with her family members, the days until her hated husband dies.
Syrian born Ragad makes her curses in Arabic to her husband’s face, not just once a day but several times, as her secret joke with her surrounding family members, because he cannot understand her language.  Unfortunately for her, there are others too who understand her words (unbeknown to her) and who have testified to Sarawak Report the shocking situation where a wife hands her husband a drink with such words as:
“May God take you. May God make people come and give me their condolences on you very soon. May God make this drink be poison to you. May Allah make me bury you very soon… May God give you a deadly disease”
Deadly curses heard said by Ragad, according to Arabic speakers who informed SR
Deadly curses heard said by Ragad, according to Arabic speakers who informed SR
She says these things whilst rolling her eyes lovingly and smiling sweetly, as she hands something for her husband to take to eat or drink“, shocked onlookers have confided to Sarawak Report.  “It is for her to vent her own fury and to amuse her mother and sister, who have ensconsed themselves in the home, which Taib plainly hates”.
Ragad was introduced to Taib through a marriage broker, whom she had used once before, thanks to enquiries made by Taib Mahmud’s sister Ragad and her Lebanese husband Robert Geneid. Taib was about to run for election once more in 2011 at an advanced age after three decades already in power and it was felt he needed a wife.
Getting what she can, but she wants security from the will....
Getting what she can, but she wants security from the will….
Ragad paid 800,000 Rials (US$200,000) to the Saudi broker, nearly the entire settlement obtained from her divorce from her previous husband just two weeks before.  The agreement was in anticipation of the vast wealth of the man to whom she was being introduced, but had not yet met.
Taib was not informed that his 30 year old bride had already been twice married and had two children from her first marriage. The entire arrangement was a family enterprise organised by Ragad’s mother and is treated as such, say insiders: “They are all after their cut”.  
The couple had not even met before they performed an Islamic marriage in Saudi Arabia. Two weeks later they had a wedding in Damascus and it was only a month after that people back home in Sarawak (where Taib made all his money) were treated to the information that their Chief Minister had married and a surprise ceremony was also performed there.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Ragad was repulsed by her elderly spouse on sight, quite understandably” one insider told Sarawak Report in an extensive interview, explaining that she had originally understood it was the Sultan of Brunei she was to be spliced with, who looked young and fanciable enough. “She was disgusted when she realised who it actually was, but her mother was firm. She said “keep your eyes on the prize” and eventually Ragad forced herself to agree to full conjugal relations, as Taib was threatening divorce if not”.
It is in many ways a sad and tragic story.  A wealthy old man looking for comfort in his old age has ended up with a woman who wishes him dead as soon as possible, so she can collect on her duties.
Ragad has widely discussed the ‘good news’ with associates, which is that Taib has already survived a serious bout of cancer and is not expected to live too much longer. She and her family are waiting on a recurrence of his disease, in the anticipation that he will die sooner rather than later.
However, whilst one might sympathise with such an awful predicament for a poorly old man, is that not the penalty he has paid for his own illicit wealth, his disregard for others and his vain and greedy decision to buy himself a young woman for his old age?  How could she have possibly have married him for anything else but his money and therefore why would her attitude be any different from this?
“Ragad soon discovered that Taib had put all his affairs in order and left everything to his four children when he was ill before” Sarawak Report has been told. “So, Ragad has been pressuring to secure herself a large settlement since there is no love lost between her and those off-spring. In fact, they are very jealous and hate her”
So, not only is Taib beleaguered with a gold-digging wife, who makes fun of him and curses him, but he is surrounded by greedy, sullen and resentful heirs who hate the person he lives with and are scrapping to get all of his money stolen from the people.  Again it is a clear penalty of illicit wealth and selfish greed, that little of the normal kindness and charity within families of more modest means features in the interactions of this rapacious ‘first family of Sarawak’.

Ragad is desperate to get pregnant to secure her cash

Ragad has been working to secure her position by falling pregnant, insiders have confirmed. However, three miscarriages have indicated what was feared, which is that chemo-therapy and age have diminished the chances of a natural child. “She has been trying to get him to go to the doctor, so they can have treatment, but he doesn’t want more children. He has accepted to take in her two already, even though he didn’t know they existed when they married. He is refusing and she is furious. She needs a child to secure her chunk of his money when he dies”.
Sarawak Report is sorry to have to impart such information, which would be private under ordinary circumstances.  However, what the Taib family are fighting over is wealth that has been stolen from the State and its people. Now that a foreign born woman and all her family have also dug themselves into the situation, all this enormous financial wealth, taken from the natural resources of the country, could be removed entirely from the jurisdiction of Malaysia and into the hands of a greedy adventuress and her distant Middle Eastern family. This makes it of public interest.
Ragad has already secured massive sums handed to her by her husband and he has promised her a home and allowance when he dies. But, people say that she and her mother and sister and brother are anxious to make much more from their advantageous match.
“They are determined to bring him under their power. They have a long history of using black magic and they are trying it out on him. She inserts bodily fluids into his drinks, this is one method”
explained one insider, who described the practices, which are too disgusting to write about in detail.
Black magic aside, Taib, who is now 80 years old is vulnerable to his far younger, larger and stronger wife, thus turning the tables on a man who was once able to bully others and did so.  “He began by showing jealously and trying to force her to stay at home and do as he wished, but these days she just does as she wants. She goes out to all hours when they are abroad as well. If he protests there are furious rows and she has a habit of taking valuables and destroying them in front of him. She is stronger than him.”
Taib used to be guarded by a long-standing secretary, who was loyal only to him:
“She sorted that. First she got him sacked and then allowed him back his job only if she does everything through her. So every call and every caller, it is now monitored and controlled by Ragad and that includes the family.  The balance of power has definitely been changing in that household over the past couple of years as he just gives up and gets frailer”.
There is a view that if Ragad cannot have her way with a child, she will use her proximity and growing influence over her now fading husband to secure the level of wealth through his will at some stage.
Taib is mean and acquisitive and it is likely he will fight to protect his wealth for his family till the end. Two greedy and tenacious characters are now locked together and fighting for the spoils of Taib’s rape of Sarawak.  But for what benefit? What pleasure and comfort?
Great shows for the camera.... but Ragad cannot resist constantly abusing her husband verbally to his face in a language he cannot understand..
Great shows for the camera…. but Ragad cannot resist constantly abusing her husband verbally to his face in a language he cannot understand..
Taib has bought a jet, which he has put to one side for his retirement (to be presented back to him by the State of Sarawak). But how much spending and extravagance can bring solace to an old man, who like a child only needs genuine love and regard to make the difference to his final years?
As this Thief Minister is finding out far too late, the most important things in life are the things that money cannot buy. In fact, too much money destroys these things.
So, maybe there has been an act of justice here and some celestial being has ensured ‘karma’ for Mr Taib or maybe it is just the inevitable outcome of life. It seems to have been his lot to have retained enough time on earth to be done by as he did; to belatedly discover the difference between what matters and what does not and to realise that he worked all his life to obtain the latter at everyone else’s expense.
This old man in his guilded cage may soon start to wish he could escape what he has brought upon his own head. In which case he should succumb to his own poison sooner rather than later.