Wednesday, 20 September 2017


I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People get out of the way much faster now.
Gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers. Now they drink like their fathers..
I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row.
I decided to stop calling the bathroom the 'John' and renamed it the 'Jim'. I feel so much better saying "I went to the Jim this morning".
Old age is coming at a really bad time. When I was a child I thought “Nap Time” was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation.
The biggest lie I tell myself is..."I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it."
I don't have gray hair; I have "wisdom highlights" I'm just very wise.
Don't ever ask me to bend down and touch my toes. If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.
Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators We haven't met yet.
Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need expert advice.
At my age "Getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.
Actually I'm not complaining because I am a Senager. (Senior teenager) I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later.
- I don’t have to go to school or work.
- I have a driver’s license and my own car.
- I get an allowance every month.
- I have my own ipad (although I can't recall where I kept it)
- I don’t have a curfew.
Life is great.
I have more friends I should send this to, but right now I can't remember their names.
Now, I’m wondering…did I send this to you, or did you send it to me?

author unknown

Dear Hussein...

Dear HH,

I was watching the Mohammad Taib circus and wrote about those Characters.


They want to to be thought of as ACCOMPLISHED,  in reality they are APPALLING AMOK ABOMINATIONS, ASININE AFFLICTIONS and ACHES.



They want to be thought of as DIFFERENT,in truth they are DELUSIONAL, DEFICIENT, DERANGED, DIVERSE, and DEMONIC specks of DYING DUST.  

They want to be thought of as EFFECTIVE,in truth they are EXCLUSIVELY EMASCULATED EUNUCHS who are  EXTRAVAGANT, EGOISTIC EXTREMIST who ought to be EXTERMINATED, EXTINGUISHED and EXPUNGED from our nation.


They want to be thought of as GENEROUS, in truth they are the GHASTLY GROTESQUE, GREEDY GHETTO of GIMMICKS, GUTTER, and GARBAGE

They want to be thought of as HONEST,  in truth they are HIDEOUS, HEINOUS HYPOCRITES who scream HYSTERICALLY in HADES that HELL can save us.

They want to be thought of as INDISPENSABLE, in truth they are ILLEGITIMATE, ILLITERATE irreconcilably IMMORAL and irreversibly IDIOTS and INGRATES who should be IMPRISONED 

They want to thought of as JUST,  in truth they are JAUNDICED JOBLESS JUNKYARD JOKERS and JERKS 

They want to be thought of as KNIGHTS,  in reality they are cold blooded KILLERS and KNAVES.

They  want to be thought of as LOVE, in reality they are LYING LEACHEROUS, LASCIVIOUS,  LEWED LOSERS AND LOOTERS who are LOATHED by all

They want to be thought of as MASTERPIECES,in truth they are MANIPULATIVE, MALEVOLENT, MUNDANE,MACABRE, MORBID, MONSTERS who are MANICS and MAD.


They want to be thought of as ORIGINAL, in truth they are OVERRATED OBSTINATE ODDITIES who are OBNOXIOUS, OBSCENE and OFFENSIVE.

They want to be thought of as PATRIOTIC, in truth they are POMPOUS, POISONOUS, PATHETIC, PROFANE PERVERTS who are PETTY PLAGIARISING PARIAHS that PRATTLE their life at us

They want to be thought of as QUALIFIED, in truth they are QUARRELSOME, QUESTIONABLE AND QUEER

They want to be thought of in RESPECT,  in truth they are REDUNDANT, REPULSIVE, REPUGNANT, for they are recognised as RUTHLESS, REMORSELESS RETARDS who are REVILED.

They want to be thought of as SAVIOURS, in truth they are SANCTIMONIOUS, SHAMELESS SUBVERSIVE STOOGES who have earned our SPITTLE and SPITE.

They want to be thought of as TRUTHFUL, in truth they are TREACHEROUS, TREASONOUS, TRAITOROUS , TYRANNICAL two faced persons who were elected from TRASH.

They want to be thought of as USEFUL in truth they are UNCIVILISED, UNETHICAL, UNAPPEALING and UGLIEST at their best.

They want to be thought of as VIRTUOUS, in truth they are VENOMOUS, VULGAR, VILLAINS in denial that VOMIT has VALOUR in excess of their VALUE.

They want to be thought of as WISE, in truth they are WORTHLESS, WHINING, WHIMPS AND WHORES who though WICKED can be saints on Election Day 

They want to be thought of as possessing X-RAY vision in seeing our needs, in truth they are X-RATED, XENOPHOBIC'S. 

They want to be thought of as the YOUTHFUL YES FACTOR in truth they are the scatterbrained YELLOWISH YOKE that never fertilised as they were such a YAWN.

They want to be thought of as persons with ZEAL in truth they are ZEALOUS ZOMBIES whose open ZIPPERS reveal that there exist ZEROS as the parts are with a Hippo.


Sarawak Report Our PM Managed To Visit The US Without Being Arrested!

20 September 2017

“Harapan does not want to help the people or develop the nation, they are just engaged in a power struggle and dabble in slander and lies,” he [Musa Annuar – PM’s spokesman] alleged.
According to Annuar, many of the slanderous claims by the opposition have been answered.
“The issue of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak being arrested if he goes to the United States is a lie, the 1MDB issue and the (RM2.6 billion) donation from a Saudi royalty have all been answered, and the people can see the opposition’s dirty politics for themselves,” he said.
On Sunday, Najib announced that Muhammad had seen the light and returned to Umno after leaving the party to join PAS and later PKR.
Source: Our PM Managed To Visit The US Without Being Arrested!


It is an unusual boast for a party leader, let alone Prime Minister, that he has shown he can visit the US without being arrested!
Nevertheless, it had taken him nearly two years, a huge amount of lobbying and a load of tribute flagged up in advance to summon up the courage. In the end, with his voice trembling, Najib did it!
Back home again he seems less fearful once more and quite happy to return to the spinning of bare-faced lies and nonsense, such as Mr Musa Annuar’s claim that thanks to this visit it is somehow “proved” that the money the DOJ says Najib stole from 1MDB was a donation from an anonymous Saudi chap instead.
The criminal investigation is still ongoing and Najib was received in his capacity as the representative of Malaysia, so no surprise he was not arrested, but neither was there much respect!
Annuar should certainly scrape around for other rats to re-join his sinking ship, the opposition need to clear their own decks as much as possible of such characters before they get down to the job of sorting UMNO’s mess.

Read the story on Sarawalk Report

Sirul Azhar Umar


In March last year the Australian Immigration Department released a statement denying that a video released by their ‘special detainee’ at Villawood had been recorded whilst he was in their security wing.
This would have been “impossible” their investigation concluded, saying that Sirul Azhar Umar must have made the video before he was taken into custory, even though he plainly referred in that video to developments in his own legal case, which had occured months after he was incarcerated.
The significance of this video in Sirul’s case cannot be over emphasised, because its contents have now been revealed as the determining factor in a decision by Australia’s immigration service to recommend the rejection his application for a Protection Visa, which would have allowed him the right to stay in Australia and get out of detention.
He is now looking instead at a future of indefinite limbo behind bars, thanks largely to his own statements made in that forbidden video, which the Australian border authorities still claim was not illegally produced at Villawood.
Explaining their decision last month, officials quoted directly from the media coverage about the video, saying it provided unfavourable information which does not support your application”.  
That media coverage described Sirul as having denied after all that he murdered Altantuya under orders; to be claiming instead that that those suggestions had been made up by elements the media in an attempt to topple Najib and worse, to be exhibiting no remorse for his victim. In a letter to Sirul dated 31st July, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection cited some of these adverse reports:
“The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 13 February 2016 in regard to the murder:
Allegations that she was murdered to keep her quiet about purported kickbacks to high-level Malaysians have been the subject of intense speculation in Malaysia during Mr Najib’s seven years in the PM’s office.
In the videos obtained by Malaysiakini, Sirul showed no remorse for killing Ms Shaaribuu, who had threatened in a letter written before her death to expose corruption in the submarine deal.
Appearing to retreat from an earlier statement he made at Villawood that he committed the murder on the orders of “important people” in Malaysia, Sirul claimed in one of the videos that the media had attempted to use him to “topple and slander” and unnamed person – believed to be another reference to Mr Najib.”
Indeed, the functionary, who raised the issues about unfavourable information that did not support Sirul’s application, could not have put it more plainly that in this subsequent paragraph of his letter:
“I consider the above information to be relevant to my consideration whether s 36(2C)(a)(ii) applies to you, that is, whether I have serious reasons for considering that you have committed a serious non-political crime before entering Australia”.

The Truth About Sirul’s Video – Damning Official Letter Shows How It WAS Recorded At Villawood

In other words, by changing his story through this video Sirul succeeded in condemning himself through his own mouth.  He was acting on advice that directly contradicted his own best interests.
Therefore, it is highly significant that Sarawak Report is now in a position to confirm what has long been suspected, which that the video was indeed produced by Sirul at the detention centre, thanks to lapses of security and protocol, which Villawood now appear to be covering up.
Thanks to extensive research made with numerous contacts, which has now been passed to Sarawak Report, it has now been established that not only was it entirely possible for Sirul to have made the video (which he has admitted to more than one person that he did) but that the Villawood management have now acknowledged in writing that they recently confiscated the smart phone he obtained to do it with – a device that detainees are not allowed to have.
In a letter addressed to “Mr Umar” dated 13th July 2017, Villawood’s Compliance Manager confirmed that in June she had confiscated two ‘mobile phones’ found in his room, since “such items were not permitted into the facility”.
Confirmation that Villawood found an illicit smart phone in Sirul's possession
Confirmation that Villawood found illicit smart phones in Sirul’s possession – responding to his complaint they refused to return it
Inmates are in fact allowed basic mobile phones, so it is plain from this letter that Sarawak Report’s separate information that Sirul had obtained at least one forbidden smart phone is correct.
According to a letter reviewed by Sarawak Report, Sirul complained about the confiscation and asked to get the item back, but was refused. The Villawood staff are now holding that phone along with his other possessions, pending any eventual release. Given the situation, the management must now ensure that this phone is not removed or tampered with as part of any further attempt to cover these matters up.
Using a smart phone, as everyone knows, it is perfectly possible to video oneself and then to send the video via whatsapp or similar application anywhere in the world to be uploaded onto the internet. Alternatively, it is equally possible to perform a live visual chat, which can be recorded the other end via skype.
Sarawak Report has heard via multiple sources that this is exactly what Sirul did after repeated encouragement from one regular visitor from Malaysia who saw him a number of times during the period between his incarceration and the production of the video.  That visitor has been named as a lawyer with close contacts to the Prime Minister’s circle, but who is not a member of Sirul’s official legal team.
It has emerged that this individual was permitted regular access to see Sirul, whilst others,  including family members, have faced difficulties and have usually been banned, owing to what Villawood has been known to describe as this detainee’s “unique particular circumstances” and “risk” factors.
According to people who have good reason to know, it was this visiting lawyer who encouraged Sirul to make the video and to include the specific statements exonerating the Prime Minister, as well as dismissing earlier claims, for example that the victim was pregnant.
Further separate sources have confirmed that the recording then found its way into the practiced hands of the ‘NGO leader’, Ramesh Rao, a champion of the Prime Minister, who specialises in getting ‘video confessions’ supporting his political agenda into the Malaysian media
Damningly, as far as Villawood is concerned, our sources have confirmed that the method by which Sirul obtained his crucial smart phone was via a member of staff, whom he was able to pay with money he had received.  That action was illegal and ought to have been properly investigated by Villawood management, particularly since they have now acknowledged that they have identified and removed an illicit phone.
Sirul has made clear directly to people, who have since spoken to Sarawak Report, that he now bitterly regrets making the video, not least because he never received what he was promised in return, which he has indicated was a substantial payment along with his release:
“All he wants is to get out now, he doesn’t care about the money any more he just wants his freedom.”
one interlocutor has told Sarawak Report, after obtaining an opportunity to speak to Sirul very recently indeed.
Sirul now has a final chance to appeal the decision to reject his application, but unless the full story behind this video and the manipulation of this ‘unique’ prisoner is properly examined, his chances appear thin.  This is all the more the case since he now appears to be in the process of sacking his legal team, according to the latest information received by Sarawak Report.
Sirul may have decided on this step because he feels he has been ill-served, given it was his own Malaysian and Australian legal team, who registered an acceptance that he had indeed committed a “non-political crime” with Altantuya’s murder, rather than supporting his earlier repeated claim that he was acting “under orders” from “important people”.
On the other hand, Sirul has also undermined his own denials thanks to this very video. Without an effective appeal managed by lawyers he has little chance of getting the rejection over-turned.  That outcome could land the Australian taxpayer with an multi-million dollar bill and lose the prisoner himself the access to justice that every individual deserves.

Conflict of Interest

The Swiss whistleblower Xavier Justo, who was jailed in Thailand, has told Sarawak Report that he sees striking parallels in this tangled situation with the  pressure that was brought upon him to provide false confessions and contrived media interviews after he was arrested over leaking material about 1MDB.
Both men appear to have been caught up in attempts to exploit their desperate situations to persuade them to release statements ‘exonerating’ the Malaysian Prime Minister. Australia seems to have provided little more protection than Thailand against the influence of foreign power and money reaching into their judicial processes:
“It looks like they are manipulating him behind bars into incriminating himself, just like they did me.  It is so terrifying to be in that position that you can be quite easily persuaded to try to “do a deal” because you think that the Malaysians have the power to control the situation. What Sirul needs is access to a totally independent Australian lawyer who can advise what’s best for him”
Justo has told Sarawak Report.
Instead, Villawood staff have used of what they describe as the “unique circumstances” and “risks” of the Malaysian’s case, to put their detainee into almost total isolation, placing extra scrutiny and barriers against normal rights of visitation.
We ask, is this about protecting their detainee or rather themselves from exposure over what happened with the video that ought never to have been released?
Xavier Justo has detailed how, like Sirul, he was also kept under exceptional conditions of extra vigilance by the Thai authorities, who he believes were collaborating with the firm PetroSaudi, in order to keep him from contacting anyone other than parties friendly to Najib who were paying to manage his case.
Justo was likewise pressured to make a self-incriminating confession (which ensured a hefty jail sentence) and then was later pressured to perform interviews with the press condemning Sarawak Report and others, all in return for promises of freedom and also financial help:
“It is hard to think clearly, when you are so scared.  You try to please the person who has you in their complete power, because you hope they will let you go even though it is actually against their own interests to set you free”
explains Xavier, who was finally relased last Christmas after a campaign to get the Swiss Government to take up his case with the Thai authorities.  He suspects that Sirul’s video was obtained in exactly the same way.

Who Is Paying Sirul’s Costs?

There is another striking parallel with Sirul’s legal representation in Malaysia and Australia, which like Xavier’s in Thailand has been funded by third parties, who seem closer to Najib than to the client himself.
It is a situation that plainly presents concerns over conflicts of interest, which the Australian authorities are duty bound to examine also in this case. How can it be accepted if a prisoner’s alleged support network is being funded by entities who would appear to benefit most from keeping him behind bars?
Sirul murdered a woman whom he didn’t know in cold blood back in Malaysia, a heinous crime by any standards.  However, everyone has a right to fair representation and freedom from manipulation while facing justice.  This bodyguard was working for people who plainly knew Altantuya and had a motive to kill Altantuya, whereas he did not. These parties ought to be allowed nowhere near his present legal case.
It is therefore high time that Australia’s authorities and the management of Villawood made a thorough investigation into this dodgy video, filmed while he was in their care and examined the management of his case.
This investigation ought to have begun the very day they found his illicit smart phone, along with a memory card which Sirul has asked to have returned. Does that card contain a dated copy of the video he made?
Whatever the diplomatic delicacies of the situation, Australia has no business protecting tyranny from abroad that is seeking to exercise influence and break the law within its own judicial borders.  The investigation into the Villawood Video Cover-up needs to start now.

Point to ponder about Najib Razak...Only a Fool!

“In Business, if I want to buy one Mercedes, I go to the Showroom."
"If I want to buy ten Mercedes, the Dealer will come running to my house!" 
Only a fool would fly more than 10,000 Km to buy more than 25 commercial planes!!!”*


RCI on forex first casualty...Nor Mohamed forced to resign from Khazanah.

Tanjong Api, Kuantan.

With Thanks to Pak Idrus...for the above pics.

Malaysia Hari Ini "Cheng hu bo liu liao, cheng hu lai siu liu"

In Taman Desa today during lunch time - the police came and issued summonses to many cars. OK lah if there are ample parking spaces but shophouses as in many other areas seriously lack parking spaces
I can hear shouts "Cheng hu bo liu liao, cheng hu lai siu liu"
(Gomen no money liao, gomen came to collect money from you" )
Everyone seemed to know what that meant and people just ran for their cars leaving their lunches behind.
SIAL bloody sial

Cakap cakap...

Tuesday 9.02 am. 20th September...I woke up this morning to unwelcome news from K Hell.  Saudara Anwar Ibrahim is unwell and has been hospitalised "akibat masalah tekanan darah kurang stabil. Beliau kini dalam pemantauan doktor.DS Anwar turut memerlukan rawatan fisioterapi intensif akibat kecederaan lama di bahu beliau". 

Those of us of the same age as Anwar understands the need to constantly monitor the state of our physical self, the need to watch our diet and ensure that we are mentally unstressed, or the wrath of ill health and mental malaise will surely overcome us in no more time then it will take a dog to wag it's tail.  

For Anwar, his incarceration in Sungai Buloh is because he presents a clear and present danger to the government of Najib Razak. I am more sad then angry that in this age that we now live in....when in most parts of the civilised world, we celebrate diversity in race and religion, we are gracious to those whose politics differ from us and where individual rights to say what one feels and think of, are a given....we have in Malaysia a prime minister and his political cohorts whose very survival in government is totally dependent on making certain that his political opponents are neutralised,  that those not of his race, religion and political symmetry  are boldly harassed and abused and the individual right to say what he feel and think, is suppressed by legal and illegal means....and even at want death!

Yes I am more sad then angry that all this is so.....and yet when I hear that saudara Anwar Ibrahim is blood boils over. It boils over in contempt at a BN regime that does not seem to understand that the world is now a different place from the one they were born into. They do seem to understand that we know of the corruption. We know of the abuse and misuse of public office. We know of everything they do in the name of government for their own personal gain and interest...and we know of all this in "real time". Not after the fact...we know as they are stealing money from our national coffers and from our own pockets...we know what happened in Washington, in Putrajaya, in Seri Perdana and even in the confines of and the assumed safety of their houses and in their discussions among "friends and acquaintances" for you see they no longer can know for certain who is a friend and who is not. The lines are now blurred as more and more of those who were once on their side now begin to come over to our side. No I am not talking about the Chinese and the Indians....BN lost them a long long time ago. I am talking about the Malays within Umno and the Malays around Umno....can anybody really tell anymore who is with Umno and who wants Anything BUT Umno anymore?       

So they have Mat Taib back in the fold. Do you take shit into your house? What do you do with rubbish? Those non perishable you may keep in the rubbish bin in the kitchen for a while until the bin is full and then throw them out....but left over food that is already beginning to rot and smell...what do you do with them? You throw them out immediately. And so it is with Mat Taib. A sad excuse for a Malay ....this man would have difficulty in joining any band of thieves - for there is honour even among thieves....but going back to Umno is going back to the same dregs of society that he had come from. Going back to Umno is where he will find his own kind....not only thieves and robbers ...but thieves and robbers ruled by greed supported by a whole cast of other thieves and robbers all after the same thing : dedak and more dedak! So Mat Taib...line up and await to receive your share of the dedak....after the many that has come before you have first got theirs!

One other thing before I go and have my first cup of Vanilla infused Short Black....this week will be about that UTK Guy in the Villa in Sydney....yes... the guy who thought that killing Altantuya was "halal". The guy who thinks that getting to stay in Australia was a breeze that would be a "done deal" once he did that video exonerating our beloved prime minister of the crime. Sirul Azhar Umar is the Australians like to say....Sirul is "FUCKED" layman's terms...he has just shot himself in his own foot...cook his goose...die standing...and whatever other phrases you can think of that says...."aiyah die lah!"

Not only has Sirul been discredited by the things he has done AFTER the murder of Altantuya but he has, by his recent actions in Villawood, made a strong and irrefutable argument that will be hard to argue to why the Australian government MUST keep him behind bars in Villawood for as long as he is in Australia. And soon there will begin to look as to why his son, the "I will be eighteen in April" Azam, should not be sent back to Malaysia. 

It is almost 10am now and I still have not had my Short excuse me while I do...and I should be back at my keyboard in fifteen minutes time to work more on this blog. Until then....   

Saudara Anwar Ibrahim

Pada jam 2 petang tadi, DS Anwar Ibrahim telah dikejarkan ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur akibat masalah tekanan darah kurang stabil. Beliau kini dalam pemantauan doktor.

DS Anwar turut memerlukan rawatan fisioterapi intensif akibat kecederaan lama di bahu beliau.
DS Anwar menggesa semua untuk terus berusaha membawa perubahan. Beliau turut mengingatkan pimpinan KEADILAN dan Pakatan Harapan untuk memberi keutamaan kepada isu-isu yang dihadapi rakyat, termasuk isu salah tadbir ekonomi yang perlukan penyelesaian. "Change is imminent!"
Fahmi Fadzil
Pengarah Komunikasi KEADILAN
19 September 2017