Sunday, 28 August 2016

cakap cakap : blocking the blogs.

Two or three years back...if you were to ask me what I blog answer would invariably include such lines as "I want Justice for all Malaysian" or " I want corruption and money politics to stop"...or words to those effects. 

And I write about all those things and more in an easy gait, maybe a canter now and then, but never at a full tilt gallop heading towards any matalamt. I like to write and I had things I wanted to write about and share with those who read what I write...but when I was sleepy, I slept. When it was too cold to sit at my desk to think and transpose my thoughts onto my PC via the keyboard, I do not do so. I will down tools and go watch any decent documentary on TV and rarely do I miss the News that informs me of the things that are happening around the world. 

Blogging was a thing I do when I had the inkling or the inclination to do so.

Not anymore!

Every day, without fail, I literally spend hours giving life to this blog. When I am away from my Mac I have a pen and paper by my side to jot down anything that comes into my head that I want to write about later.My last conscious thoughts before I drift off to sleep is what I will write about when I wake up. 

The rage within me is for all things Najib, all things Rosmah, all things Umno and BN and the arrogance and corruption that is synonymous with their ilk. But this rage is toxic to my very self. I must shake myself out of this malaise or it will drag me into an abyss that will overwhelm me...and yet I do allow that toxicity to ferment just below the surface for it drives me to try harder, write better and blog with an intensity that somehow, pleases me. 

And lately, with this renew offensive by the powers that be to block out Malaysia Chronicle I started to wonder if lunacy has joined the idiocy that already prevails within this BN government in their attempts to abolish any dissent to their rule within Malaysia and elsewhere. 

The answer is certainly "YES". 

In these last week or so I have begun to realise how desperate Najib and his thieving lot are in their attempts to survive politically....desperate enough to think that steadyaky47 is a blog worthy of their attention. Let me enlighten those bastards whose work it is to block us bloggers and other social media enthusiast from accessing each other's blog and for others to access our blogs. I do not know too much about the others ...but let me speak for myself. 

I "work" on my blog alone from a small two bedroom apartment in between taking care of my wife. I am as much a threat to Najib, Rosmah, Umno, BN and their ilk as Malaysia is in danger of an Earthquake that registers a 6 on the Richter scale. In other words, any attention the authorities deem deserved to be focussed on my blog will only serve to do good for my blog because as a blogger, any attention is good....just as any attention, good or bad, is good for someone craving attention. The more "attention" they give to this blog, the more clicks I get. What idiots these people must be if they think they can close every dissenting bloggers just because that is what Najib wants them to do. Have they not got any other way to spend OUR money? Huh

I am not craving for attention. Hantaming Najib, Rosmah, BN and Umno has now become "work" for me...and thankfully I am bestowed by Umno with the best of my expectations.... that one day the powers that be are disturbed enough by what I write and have decided to set their pit bull dogs upon my physical self. By doing so, even if I am physically eliminated...or should I say exterminated...all they do is to bring awareness of the steadyaku47 blog to others....and for that I can only be grateful.

So even if the powers that be do their worst upon us bloggers, what they do only give us merit in the eyes of many who read what we do your worst!  

Taken at 12.03 AM Sunday morning 28th August 2016 as I finished this piece. Not in deep thoughts....just pondering the trials and tribulations of blogging.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sarawak Report : 90 Federal Police Officers Raided Edmond de Rothschild Bank! How Aabar Scandal Could Dwarf 1MDB.....

27 Aug 2016

KAQ's obsession with cars led to his purchase of a Formula One Racing Team
KAQ’s obsession with cars led to his purchase of a Formula One Racing Team

The Luxembourg newspaper Luxemburger Wort reported Thursday that it has emerged that at the end of June no less than 90 police, accompanied by prosecutors and a federal judge launched a massive raid on the headquarters of the private bank Edmond de Rothschild (BPERE).

The scale of the operation against a financial institution was unprecedented the paper explained and it was linked to the bank’s involvement in 1MDB, described as “possibly the largest money laundering operations ever uncovered in the Grand Duchy”.

It means that yet another of the world’s most prestigious and in this case oldest banks has been caught red-handed over its willingness to handle the proceeds of grand-scale corruption from countries like Malaysia.

Before the raid, the Chief Executive Arianne de Rothschild (see featured image) had brushed aside journalists and laughed smugly when assured by her associates that she and her bank were “untouchable”. It was caught on camera.

The cause of the Luxembourg investigation lies with the banking transactions carried out by the bank CEO Marc Ambroisien on behalf of the now arrested former IPIC boss Khadem Al Qubaisi (KAQ).

Yacht Topaz - it is now evident that it was financed by money stolen from 1MDB
Yacht Topaz – it is now evident that it was financed by money stolen from 1MDB

As earlier exposed by Sarawak Report, Ambroisien, who has now been sacked, managed a web of private companies for KAQ, both during and after his role as Chief Executive of the bank, using off-shore secrecy to hide their activities. Ambroisien remained director of these companies and also a number of French property holding companies on KAQ’s behalf until just a few days ago.

Sarawak Report has demonstrated how through these companies stolen 1MDB money was used to fund multi-million dollar payments for the purchase of the Topaz super-yacht attributed to the Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansour, but used by KAQ and his circle of friends, including Jho Low and Leo di Caprio.

Cash also flowed into the shareholder company which owns the Hakkasan entertainment chain, which observers believe has seen over a billion dollars worth of investment over the past four years.

Luxemburger Wort dug out the shareholding documents for Mondrion to reveal the 20 million euro investment
Spot the sponsorship logos! – After buying a 25% share in STR, the IPIC boss then organised sponsorship by CEPSA, Nova Chemicals and Falcon Bank, all of which he controlled

Another of the companies set up under KAQ’s Vasco Trust umbrella, managed by BPERE, was the Luxembourg-registered Mondrion, which bought a 25% share in the Italian Formula One racing team Scuderia Torro Rosso (STR) back in 2011.

That investment of 20 million euros took place not long after KAQ had made his first serious cash from “commissions” over the Barclays Bank bail out deal financed by IPIC, of which he was the CEO.  Statements show that between 2010 and 2012 almost $100 million was funnelled into Vasco by KAQ.
KAQ's personal investment - a 25% share of STR Formular One racing team
KAQ’s personal investment – a 25% share of STR Formula One racing team –
Luxemburger Wort then detailed how the sovereign wealth fund entrepreneur then apparently used his influence as the CEO of IPIC to channel money into sponsoring the team in which he held such a significant private stake.

IPIC subsidiaries used to sponsor STR included the Spanish oil giant CEPSA, Canada’s Nova Chemicals and Falcon Bank.

Indeed in 2013 speculation was rife that IPIC would buy up the whole team from majority owner Red Bull.

The IPIC involvement is led by it’s boss Khadem Al Qubaisi, who has been a regular fixture at Grands Prix in recent years and informed paddock opinion sees this group becoming shareholders in a team soon, perhaps Toro Rosso, depending on Red Bull’s long term strategy for its junior team” [F1 commentary]

Pattern of conflict of interest 

Analysis has shown that KAQ repeated this pattern, exhibiting a clear conflict of interest in his management of a number of the key companies he controlled within the IPIC group.  Put simply, he employed public money from the sovereign fund that he managed to back projects in which he had privately invested.

Another Luxembourg company run by BPERE controlled the Cepsa tower building in Spain
Muscari, another Luxembourg company run by BPERE controlled the Cepsa tower building in Spain

The Financial Times has already revealed, for example, how he located the CEPSA headquarters in a building he himself had leased, thereby ensuring a very good return.

The extent to which this selfishly orientated decision-making affected the well-being of the fund is now being examined by Khadem’s successors in Abu Dhabi, where he has finally been put under arrest.

After all, Aabar is believed to have lost at least $50 billion from its original $70 billion cash base and the fund, along with its parent company IPIC, is now being merged with the country’s other sovereign fund Mubadala.

Sarawak Report has further exposed how KAQ used Aabar to finance his own company’s bid to buy out Europe’s most expensive building, the Santander complex in Madrid, and also to back a number of property ventures by his Tasameem Real Estate Company in New York.  KAQ companies would take shares and Aabar would invest in the venture.

The KAQ obsession with fast cars, yachts, racing teams and other entertainments also appears to have featured as a major problem is this pattern of misappropriation

Richard Branson signs a major investment agreement partnership with Mohamed Badawy Al-Hussseiny, CEO of Aabar Investments of Abu Dhabi. July 28, 2009.
Richard Branson signs a major investment agreement partnership with Mohamed Badawy Al-Hussseiny, CEO of Aabar Investments of Abu Dhabi. July 28, 2009.

Indeed, one of the biggest loss-making enterprises into which Aabar poured hundreds of millions of dollars was Richard Branson’s Virgin Glactica project, which has collapsed after recent test-flight disasters.

Mixing business with pleasure, Branson joined up with KAQ's party-loving crowd in Cancun.
Mixing business with pleasure, Branson joined up with KAQ’s party-loving crowd in Cancun.

Branson partied with KAQ in Cancun and was featured with one of his youthful friends at the resort on Facebook.

But the project went down in flames at enormous cost, as did so many of the other grandiose ventures.

In fact, the disastrous mismanagement of Aabar /IPIC and the arrest of its former boss KAQ amidst a developing multi-billion dollar scandal, may well turn into a key lesson for countries that are running sovereign wealth funds, which are headed by political figures and beset by weak corporate governance.  Such organisations are set up to be corrupted.

But all this was well into the future when the youthful Jho Low first approached Prime Minister Najib in 2009 with his suggestion for a similar Arab-style sovereign wealth fund for Malaysia.

Obsessed with fast cars and racing teams
KAQ – Obsessed with fast cars and racing teams

Since 1MDB was immediately used to steal money, it is plain that his pitch had been that sovereign wealth funds are a proven method of diverting billions under the protective cover of ‘country to country’ joint ventures, diplomatic deals and top official oversight.

Once Najib took the bait, Jho Low was soon linking up with his pal from Aabar to join the plunder.
Now that both of these flamboyant, party-loving looters have come a cropper, Malaysia has perhaps just one thing to be thankful of, which is that 1MDB’s $7 billion missing is far less than what is now missing from Aabar.

cakap cakap...the Mrs.

It has been a while since I last talked about my better half.

I talked about and share with you all how life is like with my wife because there are many others who are also caring for a loved ones who are not well. There are many others who faces the daily challenge of living with someone who has dementia. Dementia at an early stage, dementia at its onset ...or like me, dementia in a 70-year old wife that has robbed her of her ability to talk, walk or do anything for herself.     

If you want to know what it is like to live with someone with advanced Dementia, I can sum it up in one word. HARD. Hard not only for me but also for those around me and for those being cared for. How are you to know if they are well, unwell or in pain, hungry or thirsty, if the drink you are giving them is too hot or too cold, if they want more sugar or less milk in their coffee, if their feet is cold because it is freezing outside and even if they are upset or happy with their life? My wife cannot tell me these things and so I have to become her....and that is easy because after marrying her at 23 I know her well enough to be her when she is 70. 

And so that is how it is like, every day. 

I know when she is hungry, happy and wife does not get angry. At most she gets upset and that is how it has been all our life! She does not complain about anything....not even for the fact that in our life, all that I have ever got her in terms of jewellery you can possibly count on one hand and still have a few fingers not used. 

And I still remember just over three years ago when she stopped doing housework because of the onset of dementia - and not knowing that she was about to be diagnosed with dementia within a month or so - I was upset and asked her why she no longer does any housework or cooks my meals.  

She told me that she has had enough of doing all that and now I will have to do it

And that is what I have been doing for the past three years plus a few months. 

In the process, I have become as good a housewife as any housewife out there! Cooking, I am still working on ....and as any decent cook would know, cooking is a process and being a cook is a work in progress....and for me the work is progressing A Ok. I can roast a Leg of Lamb, do a decent Chicken Rice, Roast Chicken is too easy and feeding myself, my wife and my son is done without much hassle. And I am good at washing up too! Like those at McDonalds...I clean as I go.

The only thing that I have stopped doing what every other housewife is ironing. No can do. Too fiddly, too time-consuming and though I can do it if I really really really must ...I have virtually gone cold turkey on ironing for over two years. Since then we get non-iron clothes or wash and wear garments - which means, you wash the clothes and wear them and damm the wrinkles! 

It is almost 9 AM now and I have to start getting organized for my better half to wake up in about an hours time....think about breakfast and lunch and what else I have to do for the rest of the day. 

The trick to life is letting everything flow...all things must pass and it is up to you to make the best of it. For me, life is good.          


Fuziah Salleh in Melbourne

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Australia

Tamrin Abdul Ghaffar : The "I have been everywhere" man

Tamrin Abdul Ghafar, son of former deputy prime minister Ghafar Baba, announced that he is quitting the Citizens' Declaration secretariat.

"After careful thought, I have decided to withdraw from the Citizens' Declaration secretariat led by Mahathir," he said in a statement today.

Tamrin, who is a former Umno member, said that he also had no interest in joining the new Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) led by former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

"These decisions, effective today, are final," he said.

Tamrin is presently partyless, after joining PAS in 2012 and quitting two years later.

Previously, he was Umno's Batu Berendam MP for 10 years.

When contacted, Tamrin was coy about his decision to distance himself from the efforts initiated by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
"Why? I do not want to discuss. My statement should be enough," he said.

Pressed on what his next course of action will be, Tamrin replied: "There is still time, we can discuss later."

steadyaku47 : Who the f@*k cares what this guy is doing or what party he is with? Who cares? This is the "have dedak will travel man" and this is the song I think about when I think about this guy....

Friday, 26 August 2016

cakap cakap...Friday evening and all is not well!

I was in Sydney yesterday.No urusan negara. No urusan for the opposition. Just my own urusan of which there will be more to write about if things does develop. It was a day trip and I had to be at the Melbourne Tullamarine airport by 7 AM which meant leaving my place at 6 AM when the temeprature outside is also 6 degrees. One of those times in my life when I was not too keen on the number 6. I had thermal underwear all over, a shirt, a sweater and a wind cheater...and damm, I still felt the cold! Too cold to wait for the tram so I reluctantly accorded myself the luxury of hailing a taxi for the ride to Southern Cross to get the SkyBus to the Airport. Short flight and it did not helped when the Captain announced that we will be landing shortly at Sydney where the temperature is 4 degrees and wet!

Sydney reminds me of Singapore. Towering buildings all around you, organized chaos and everything ticks over like clockwork and you can feel "world class" reverberating from your surroundings. No...nothing of Sydney reminded me of K Hell. Nothing. 

I had things to do and people to see. Had a quick Malaysian lunch in Broadway and then headed for the nearby Broadway Shopping center because my Mobile battery had conked out. Headed for the nearest telephone kiosk and asked for a battery for my Samsung mobile. The guy behind the counter extended his hand to me and said "Apa Khabar" ....a Malaysian from Sabah. We had a quick chat as he was replacing the battery for me and said our goodbyes quickly because there was a line of customers behind me also waiting to be served.   

Then it was back to doing things I had to do and people I had to meet. 

By 7pm I was on my way back to the airport for my flight back to Melbourne. 

Flying when you tell your travel agent that you want the "cheapest flight available" means that it is all that you can afford... which means no gantry for entry into the take a long cold windy walk on the tarmac, climb the stairs to the plane and sit down where ever they sit you down. I was back in Melbourne just past midnight. My wife was already asleep but my son waited up for me. It was good to be home!

Friday, the Muslim sunat day (nudge nudge wink wink...) is almost over. It is past 9.30 PM  and I am sitting at my desk "working" on my blogs. The first article I wrote about the Sydney trip has simply disappeared. When I clicked "Publish" the screen went blank and I could not retrieve it from anywhere...poof disappear into thin air...and so I had to write it I do not know if the viruses in my computer are working to make life difficult for me again...but lawan mesti lawan.

 Enough for now. I want to have dinner and then maybe write some more before sleep....and in between I want to spend some quality time with the Mrs.I do not know if she knows I have been to Sydney and back yesterday but I will tell her about it anyhow. Yes she does not say anything back but I think she listens...and that is good enough for me. Life is good.          

When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano : Pat Boone

To all my over 60's friends...they know who they are! And to borther Anwar if he is listening....always in our thoughts.

Laughter....GOLF and BADMINTON

steadyaku47 comment : With thanks to brother Yunos for the above that made me smile so early in the morning.  I trust brother KB will take note of same because not only does he plays golf BUT I think he still has his balls (and "NO" I did not take a look and I will not be specific about which balls I am talking about!)...and if he wants to keep those balls (yes PLURAL!) take note of the above!

And for the benefit of Jawi, Jakim, PAS and Umno members, this is someone playing golf.

And the clip below is NOT of someone playing golf!

It is a video clip of someone playing badminton!
Saya share aja. 

P.S. one of Umno's avid but confused supporter have just berated me for using images of foreigners to illustrate these games and he forwarded me this youtube of a Malaysian,  he insists,  is playing golf! What say you?

QUICKIES: Mereka kat Umno semua nak mati Shahid. Mereka tu faham ka apa makna mati Shahid?