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"Saya tahu India macam mana."

This just came thru "WhatsApp"- can anyone verify this? 

17th February 2017 at 3.05 PM 
Research in Curriculum Development by Prof Dr Norlidah at Faculty of Education 
I would like to lodge a complain upon your lecturer, Prof. Dr. Norlidah. 
My friend Rinishah and I rushed to class taking time off from work, as we step into the class we greeted Prof Norlidah and proceeded walking towards our seats. As we were about to sit, she abruptly said 'India, saya tak suka India duduk bersama-sama. Jangan bawa budaya UNITAR kesini. India duduk sama-sama lepas itu akan tiru assignment dan plagiarise. Saya kenal India.' she then continued saying to me, 'You, baju merah, duduk depan sekarang.' subsequently said to my friend 'you duduk sana'. Prof Norlidah further said, 'Saya akan pastikan awak dan kawan awak tak akan dapat kumpulan sama untuk buat assignment. Saya tahu India macam mana.'

At this time, I was infuriated by her racist remarks towards me and my friend; I did NOT expect this from a well-educated person especially a person whose title is ’Professor’. She did not stop, she was merciless as she proceeded to insult other indian students. How would the wawasan 2020 be fulfilled if we have educators like this in ’Malaysia’s Top Public University’? 
She went on defending her atrocious behaviour by confessing that this is her style and proceeded to encourage student to not promote UM to anyone else as she prefers her class to be smaller in number. 
This wasn’t first time we had experienced this lowly behaviour of hers;on our orientation day, we met Prof Norlidah along with other two possible lecturers for a session with the faculty. Her first words were indeed hurtful and demotivating 'Do you think you can do Masters with just 2 years experience? You and your friends can never graduate together, I challenge you. You do your business and I will do my business.' her words crushed our eager selves who thirsted for knowledge. 
I’ve never been more insulted in my life before until recently by your lecturer. Never did I came across someone with a PhD who could act despicably rude. It is a shame that such lecturer/former student hail from "Malaysia’s Top Public University". It is important to remember that respect does not come with papers and titles but attitude. She lost the respect before gaining one. Such arrogance and racism from someone who should be an inspiration. 
Let me remind you that we are paying to be here, she has no rights to insult us as such. Actions could be taken. She had hurt me and my friend emotionally. 
I demand for an apology from her for the damage she had done to my reputation. If no action is taken from your side, I will not hesitate to bring this matter to the media.

cakap cakap...the Indians.

Where do the Malaysian Indians go from here?

Instead of debating within themselves which tradition is the oldest and who amongst them are the it the Gujarathis, the Malayalees,  the Jaffnese,  the Telegus, the Tamils, the educated Indians, the affluent Indians, the lower caste community, the underprivileged thing they will all have to agree to is that violence within the community is prevalent. 

Is it not time that the Indians as a community all take responsibility for this? 

Even if this problem of violence within the Indian community is largely confined to the Tamils....what then ails the Tamils? Why is he at the lower rung of society? Why does he drink excessively,  why does he neglect his family,  why does he not make an earnest effort to uplift himself through education?  

As I see it no Indian politician,  sociologist or Non Governmental Organisation wants to address this issue in a serious manner.  

Within themselves the Indian community do not want to antagonise each other by engaging in debate over this matter  and yet in time, if left to their own devices, this group of Indians will destroy themselves and the Indian community as a whole must take responsibility for this before it happens.

I pose this question to ask the Indians if they will rise to the occasion to right what is wrong within their community for they know that after six decades of Merdeka, this Umno led government has already failed the Indians....and so have a number of Indian leaders, 

Who now will lead the Indians? How do the Indians as a race move forward within a Malaysian society that is increasingly becoming more polarised by the day?

Or do the Indian not care?

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Zen S

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I guess after 60 years the Tamil diaspora in Malaysia isn't interested in nation building any longer. So theoretically they are dead. Its become like "Enau Dalam Belukar Melepaskan Pucuk Masing-Masing. For what is there to gain from a nation that has sidelined and discriminated him all this years. Most feel like they are not citizens any longer because their voices are not heard! So they tend to their own business and keep 
company with their own kind and don't give two hoots any longer what happens to this God forsaken country.

Life is Good...

This tugs at my heartstrings....and brings a smile to start my day right.

Sarawak Report : Najib's step son a proxy for his mother?

"Innocent Owner" Riza Aziz Attended Yacht Meeting Before Good Star Heist - EXCLUSIVE

"Innocent Owner" Riza Aziz Attended Yacht Meeting Before Good Star Heist 

Last week in California the Prime Minister’s step-son, Riza Aziz, filed a notice to dismiss the US Department of Justice’s seizure of his properties on the grounds that he was the “innocent owner” and could not be held responsible for the fact the money was stolen from 1MDB.
Motion to dismiss by Riza's lawyers
Motion to dismiss by Riza’s lawyers
Those properties include a Beverly Hills mansion, the film production company Red Granite’s future earnings from Wolf of Wall Street, a London Belgravia town house and a New York penthouse.
What this defence contends is that Riza had simply no idea that the hundreds of millions that suddenly started coming his way was not stolen, but thought it was a gift. For this reason he reckons he should be allowed to hang on to all the items bought with Malaysia’s stolen development money (money which the Malaysian tax payer is now faced with paying back to the original lenders at high interest rates).
Yet Sarawak Report has established new evidence that Riza was in from the very start on the 1MDB heist, in that he was invited to attend the meeting where the first ‘joint venture’ was cooked up between Jho Low, the Prime Minister and company PetroSaudi on the super-yacht Tatoosh in August 2009.
A trip manifest reveals that the jaunt, which took place between 15-20th August, was organised by a “high-end boutique concierge company” named Baroque, of which Jho Low was a member. According to the note made by the representative for Baroque, Sahle Ghebreyesus, the trip was in fact commissioned by his client Jho Low (whom he describes on the manifest as “my guy”). In March the following year Tarek Obaid also joined Baroque, which is an agency designed to pamper the super-rich:
High-end boutique concierge company that organised the rental of Tatoosh
Photographs later obtained by Sarawak Report show the main players behind the theft of the first billion from 1MDB through the PetroSaudi ‘joint venture’, which was strategised during this super-yacht meeting.
However, we can now confirm that Riza Aziz also joined the party, along with Najib’s key financial cronies Bustari Yusof and Robin Tan.  Robin Tan is the son of Vincent Tan, long associated with BN political funding, and Bustari is the Sarawak PPB party treasurer cum billionaire, who was handed the ‘turnkey contract’ for the Pan Borneo Highway project and whose brother Fadillah has now been appointed Minister for Public Works.
This gives the Bustari brothers control over all the big contracts handed out by the Government, in Malaysia’s notoriously corrupted procurement process and Bustari has rarely strayed from Najib’s side in recent months.
'My guy" Jho Low fixed the trip. "innocent owner" Riza Aziz was also on board
‘My guy” Jho Low fixed the trip. “innocent owner” Riza Aziz was also on board
Did Riza have simply no idea what was going on as these guys did the business which was soon to send money streaming his way?
It was just a few short months later that he went on to launch his production company Red Granite Pictures at the most lavish launch party ever seen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.
And over the next two years Jho Low was at Riza’s side at every major film event involving Red Granite Pictures, including Wolf of Wall Street, which was funded by yet more money stolen from 1MDB, thanks to the later ‘Power Purchase Loan’ manoeuvres also organised by Jho Low.
According to the New York Times, Low was furthermore directly involved in the purchase of both of Riza’s US properties in Hollywood and New York. Did Riza simply fail to realise what was going on?
There can only be two conclusions. Either Riza is lying and he did know or Riza is a sad and stupid creature, who was merely used as a front and proxy by the players behind the scandal, which included his friend Jho Low and step-dad Najib.
He is therefore EITHER innocent OR the owner.  He cannot be the “innocent owner”!
left to right - Tarek Obaid, Prince Turki and Najib Razak - the three named Shareholders of the 1MDB PetroSaudi Joint Venture meeting a month before the deal on the yacht Tatoosh.
left to right – Tarek Obaid, Prince Turki and Najib Razak – the three named Shareholders of the 1MDB PetroSaudi Joint Venture meeting a month before the deal on the yacht Tatoosh.
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cakap cakap....Naik Basikal Pukul Tiga Pagi.

Budak budak naik basikal pukul tiga pagi....
Siapa patut di salahkan? 
Ibu bapa meraka lah! 
Siapa lagi?
Jangan salahkan driver kereta!

JOHOR BARU - Eight teenagers were killed while another eight were injured when a car driven by a 22-year-old woman rammed into them while they were riding their bicycles early Saturday. Johor Baru South OCPD Asst Comm Police Sulaiman Salleh said six of them were killed on the spot while two died on their way to Hospital Sultanah Aminah.

All 16 involved in the incident are aged between 13 and 17.

He said the incident took place at around 3.30am on Saturday along Jalan Lingkaran Dalam near the Mahmoodiah Muslim cemetery.He said initial investigations showed that the driver was heading from Taman Pelangi to Jalan Skudai when the mishap happened.ACP Sulaiman said that according to the driver, the teenagers were in the middle of the road, which was dark at that time when the accident occurred.

Do not talk about giving me any kind of burial once I die...because when I die it will be my loved ones who will do what they think is right for me. Damm if I want any Islamic religious idiots to decide that for me.

How sick are these so call religious authorities to enter the house of grieving loved ones and take the body of their daughter away to be given a so called Islamic burial because these religious zealots claim that she is a Muslim convert?

And even if she is a Muslim convert, any sane, rational and decent human being would not seize the body of a loved ones and carry it away from grieving family members for what ever purpose! I repeat, for whatever purpose! Do these religious whores not have some ability to reason out things....some ability to empathise with grieving parents who have lost a daughter....surely they must have a slither of decency and leave the dead girl parents to grieve over her?

But no...these religious idiots tell us that they are doing ALLAH's work on this earth...and it is ALLAH's will that they give the dead girl an Islamic burial because she has converted to Islam. If this is what they say ALLAH tells them to do....then I say the will of ALLAH should be questioned because we are told time and time again by these Islamic zealots that Islam is a religion of peace. 

Now what happens if someone who is a Muslim quietly renounce Islam -  and then dies? What happens to corrupt Umno politicians who steals millions from our nation's coffers and then dies? What happens to Muslims who drink hard liquor and fornicate outside the bonds of marriage, as so many of these Umno politicians do? When they all die....are they still deserving of an Islamic burial?

Do not talk about giving me any kind of burial once I die...because when I die it will be my loved ones who will do what they think is right for me. Damm if I want any religious idiots to to decide that for me. 

Of course these religious idiots do what they do because they can get away with it. And we know that they will keep getting away with it the next time, the next next time and the next next next time because these days we all know that religion is the preferred weapon of choice for umno politicians to hold sway not only over the Malays but also the infidels....and ALLAH really has nothing to do with what they say they do in the name of ALLAH.

Maybe it is really time for all of us to hide that stone in our hand to be used in these kind of situation when these religious authorities come into our house to take away our loved ones in order to do ALLAH's bidding of giving them an Islamic burial.    

When the parents went to collect the body, there are two vans waiting..

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

An open letter to the President Armed Forces Veteran Association.

An open letter to the President Armed Forces Veteran Association.

I received many responses to the short write-up I wrote regarding an announcement to gather more than 100,000 veterans to an assembly in July this year, allegedly made by you at a recently held Round table Conference attended by the various Armed Forces Veteran Associations in KL. I am not privy to the reason(s) for the assembly, and the number of veterans to be gathered is unusually large. I then begin to question myself as to the purpose of the mammoth assembly, and it soon strike me to a rumour that has been going around of a possible GE14 to be held anytime before the end of this year.
I don't think you made the announcement on your own accord, but I strongly believe the announcement was prompted by someone high in the nation's political hierarchy, and in all probability with selfish political agendas. I can only think of this i.e. the assembly is to propagate and influence the minds of veterans to support the current political regime. 
The ruling regime must understand what the Armed Forces Veterans had stood for, and many had lost their lives, and many others maimed for the rest of their lives in defence of the nation. The ruling regime today cannot question the loyalty of the veterans for they have proven themselves to have served the nation and King faithfully, that had brought about the prevailing peace and security of the nation today.
The issues affecting the nation today are startling and there is now a raising concern that the nation of which we defended with our lives will even lose it sovereignty to a foreign nation if the present regime remains ignorant to this three central issues i.e. firstly, the massive national debt that is simply balloning; secondly, the selling off ouright large tracts of land to a foreign company on the pretext of joint development and thirdly, the willingness to allow a foreign company to further develop the sea ports of Malacca and Kuantan on the pretext to facilitate and improve commercial shipping. Now, just tell me who is actually financing all these massive projects when we know the national coffer couldn't simply afford it. Are these loans taken from the foreign company that will only be paid many years later? Were all these projects thoroughly debated and approved by parliament? Who actually proposed and approved the projects bearing in mind the nation's affordability to repay the loans? Now let me tell you this i.e. that all these projects will have a long term security impact on the nation and I just wonder if the Armed Forces chiefs and leaders of our police force were ever consulted about these projects. If they were consulted and had approved it, then I say they are all foolish and are equally ignorant as their political masters as to the long term security impact these projects will bear upon the nation. One only have to read what is happening to Sri Lanka today.
Now, going back to the proposed mass assembly of veterans, I demand the purpose of the assembly be reasoned out to us. If it has the slightest political connotation i.e. to boost the image of our political masters to meet their self serving political agendas, then I demand most sincerely that the assembly be called off.

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David Swami Very well articulated, sir. Good one.
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Wan Mohammad Akbar I strongly support and second this letter.
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Abdul Halim Shah It is a timely wake up call to the President of the Veterans Association. He should remain apolitical at all times, for if he is condescending to the request of Najib, he shall no more be credible person to lead the veterans. He should convey to Najib the message from all fair minded members that the Association should not become the tool of even the PM. Instead the Association should tell Najib that compromising the country's security by giving too much face to China will bring ruin to our children and grandchildren.
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Kamsani Mohd Salleh As former PAT, integrity and apolotical is the main reason we support you become the President. Please do not betray us and eat your own principle
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Zainal Abidin Dan An excellent and timely letter, Pak Chad. Suggest you write another letter, this time to the Chairman/Secretary of the General Circle, to ask for support of your of your wake up call.
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Ramli Mohamad Well said Dato'. I can assure you the majority of the veterans are with you.
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Khair Parlan Saya sokong apa yg YBhg Dato Mohd Arshad Raji Rajitulis..100%. Mohon shareSee translation
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William Arul As I look at it now, it would seem like lives have been lost and sacrifices made more to profit UMNO's hold on the nation and the plunder of its wealth. I don't know if they even know that there is a nation here.
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