Sunday, 21 January 2018

Worry not about the Malays going "AMOK"...good will prevail over evil. not concern yourself too much with what this Idiot may or may not do before, during and after PRU 14. For sure we must be apprehensive as to his intent  and on guard as to his motives in the things that he does in the name of national security and government but do not trouble yourself too much as to whether this Idiot will or will not declare a national emergency should the vote tally indicates that Umno and BN will lose PRU 14. 

Let me tell you why you should not.

The very act of thinking so will already mean that you believe that this Idiot is capable of doing so - declare an emergency and have all the government functionaries - including the Army - fall behind him and do his bidding. You believe that government servants in every state, in the Federal Territories and in every race, religion shape and form will unquestionably bow down to this Idiot demand that they now serve not King and Country but him! And you believe that you and me and the millions others who are with Pakatan Harapan will simply lock our doors and not venture out to protest and demonstrate their ire and anger at what is being done to their nation until that same Idiot allows them to do so. 

This is not May 1969.

In May 1969 all it took was for a handful of Malays and Chinese to act and our Nation was plunged into a racial discord that killed many many Malaysians. And when the killing and the burning started the government could do what they thought they should do, tell us what they think we should know and imposed upon us all a locked down so that "law and order" could once again be restored. I was in London then and what I saw and read in London of May 13 was more than what any Malaysians saw and heard of the same incident. And after May 13 what Razak did was what Razak had always wanted to do and so begun those infamous terms "Bumiputra"....the Malays inalienable right...and all those other "Malay rights" and pro active policies that have been abused by Umno to profit itself...not the Malays.

Fast forward to today and ask yourself what would happen if that Idiot declares a National Emergency that would required for him to rule by decree?

Who will inform you of any "berita terkini?". Who will tell you where Tun Mahathir, Kit Siang and the others who are our leaders in Pakatan Harapan are regrouping and marshaling their forces to do battle with the Umno led BN illegal government? Who will tell you of the instructions being relayed by our leaders in Pakatan Harapan to all those who are with them as to what they want us to do, how to protest and what to do to activate our protests against that Idiot whom we all know has already lost PRU 14 and is now only doing what he must do to stay out of jail? How will Tun Mahathir and Kit Siang rally the troops and this time march again towards Putrajaya and take from the Idiot what is rightfully ours that was won at PRU 14? 

The Net will. Twitter and Instagram will. Blogs, face books media will. 

And there is nothing more powerful, nothing more decisive and more effective then social media to turn the Rakyat against a corrupt and arrogant Idiot led BN that has already lost PRU 14 and that is totally at sea in understanding the position it now is in - that of being totally rejected by any sane, rational and responsible Malaysian. All that social media needs to trigger that force is the ire, anger and disgust of our people should that Idiot tries to win and election he has already lost.

Imagine how much more powerful and total People's Power in the Philippine would have been able to rid itself of Marcos if the Net was available for the people to use then?. We have seen time and time again in the Middle East and in the developed nations how persuasive the Net can be in moving people and ideas into the realms of realities and from there shaped ideas and ideals into something tangible....tangible enough for the powers that be to understand that when the people are moved to do things....nothing will or can stop them. 

If truth be told...I cannot wait for that Idiot to even begin to think that he can win an election he has already lost! 

Will he let loose Jamal Jamban and his hoards of Red Shirts upon all of us? Yes he may. And the Malays, docile as they may be, can work themselves up into a frenzy...into that state we all know as "AMOK". 

Yes for sure we know that for dedak Jamal Jamban and his hoards of Red Shirts can work themselves into a frenzy...but ask yourself this! Have Jamal Jamban and that Idiot ever considered the other Malays who can also work themselves into a frenzy? Not for dedak but in the fight for their family, their future and for other Malaysians and Malaysia? Which one will emerge victorious? The fight for dedak or our fight for our family, our future, our Malaysia and for all Malaysians. It is a no brainier....Jamal Jamban and his hoard of Red Shirts will be chased shelter skelter into the Gombak River in no time.         

Think of all the possibilities. Think what would happen if that Idiot  tries to grab back an election he has already lost. No my friends I do not worry about that happening. So perish that thought and do not work yourself up into a wreck thinking about "what if". We will write our own destiny. We will vote into office our own government...and as sure as the sun will rise again tomorrow....we will prevail!


cakap thoughts pagi Ahad.

What will it take for this nation of ours to come to its senses? The sum of all that our beloved Malaysia is, must surely be the Rakyat. If the Rakyat are strong, cohesive and committed to its well being, committed and to all that is good and righteous then surely our nation too  will be strong, cohesive and committed to its well beings and all that is righteous. A nation lives and dies by its people. 

This nation of ours have recovered from domination by foreign powers - be it China. the British an even the attempt by Indonesia to subjugate our sovereignty during those Konfrontasi days. Malaysia has transcend financial global meltdown, overcome racial strife that could have plunged it to the depths of Armageddon and ruination and we have done all this in a timely and positive manner. 

All this we have done and more....but I fear we will not survive PRU 14 intact. I fear we will not survive this PRU 14 with any ability left within us to face the uncertainty of a future bereft of the very elements that has hold our people together all this time...a people united in diversity.... those elements that should instill within us all the resolve to overcome what lies ahead after PRU 14 is over. 

But I fear that if PRU 14 burdens us all with another term of government by this Umno led Barisan Nasional....what will then happen to our people?

No, this is not the raving and ranting of an old man past 70 who has seen it all in a life time spent under Tunku, Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah and now Najib. This is not the ranting and raving of an old man who has lived through all the traumas, the guts and glory of all that this nation of ours has endured in this past seven decades after Merdeka. What I write about, what I have to say and what I share with you are the sum of seven decades of uninterrupted and total Umno dominated government that I have lived under. Seven decades that has seen me evolve from being a Malay whose only alliance and loyalty was with Umno to one who will now do anything I possibly can do to ensure the ruination and political demise of that same Umno that I was once totally enamoured with.   

And all this has happened of my own free will for I have lived, loved and learned to loath Umno in less then a life time....just as Anwar, Mahyuddin and Mahathir has. Just as you and many others have. And now not only have we leaned to live, loved and loath Umno together, we now want to rid ourselves of Umno together!

These are the things now swirling in my head at 6.20 am on a Sunday in Melbourne...over 6000 kilometres from K Hell. if these are now swirling in my head so far away from my beloved Malaysia, I fear to think what is swirling in the heads of you all who are now living in Malaysia. 

How does one live under a BN government corrupt to its core and without any redeeming grace of values. How does one tolerate the incessant abuse of political power for personal profit and gain? How does one explain the greed within Mr and Mrs Idiot? 

I would think that the tipping point has already passed. Some times the thought of eliminating and dismissing that which we detest and abhor within our lives becomes so strong that we simply can no longer wait for it to happen. This is what is happening in Malaysia today. We are so near to PRU 14. We are so close to being able to do our duty in voting this corrupt Idiot and the government he leads out of office that sometime we forget that there is still much work to be done while we are waiting for PRU 14.

Start with yourself. Remind yourself that "ini kali" must not pass without victory for our cause. Then install in others the same fervour, focus and commitment. This is what I try to do for each morning that I still have before PRU 14. It is never too late nor is It too early to begin doing so. This is how I want to start my Sunday morning and this is how I have started my Sunday will you start yours? 


Saturday, 20 January 2018

cakap cakap....a Malay no more?

I am a Malay no more? Words like compromise, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, modesty and patience are today alien to me as I whack and hantam Malay political leaders left and right. I am tolerant no more of their doings to our people, our country and our future. Budi adat and traditions be damm! I am no longer that Malay who is sensitive and gentle in nature! 
I do not articulate my distaste for the doings of UMNO graciously. I directly verbalize my contempt and disgust in the manner they have governed our country even as I acknowledge the rudeness of my confrontational approach and understand how unbecoming it is for a Malay to do so.

I no longer care that they may think me not noble or cultured, lacking in good manners and inconsiderate of their discomfort at my tirade against them.
I am no longer the Malay who believes that “Hidup dikandung adat dan mati dikandung budi” – that life should be filled with customs and death should be filled with gratefulness. I am all this because the times we live in has made me so.
How do you expect me to be quiet when I am constantly confronted by the excesses of UMNO politicians, their families, their cronies and sahabats whose sense of entitlement to that which does not belong to them overshadows all sense of decency and the rights and wrongs that I have been taught in my childhood, in my growing up and in what I have seen till this ripe old age of 71 that I am today? 
The Malay and Islam idea that the State duty is to uphold justice and fairness has been breached much too many times by UMNO for my liking. By so doing UMNO has absolved itself from having a peaceful society that would be complaint to their government of our nation. And when UMNO distance itself from this duty of justice and care of its own people then what the Malays says ‘biar mati anak jangan mati adat… no longer holds true. 
The Malays will not sit down quietly any more and allow their budi, their adat and Islam to be ridiculed and degraded by the desperateness of UMNO to hang on to political power. 
UMNO takes too much from the Malays for itself.
Why would I want to follow UMNO into the abyss and be what they are: arrogant, deceitful and morally corrupt? It is time we stand firm and tell UMNO they can no longer have their way with us. The time is now. And those that will stand in their way are you and me!

The need for compassion, decency and grace.
These Malays who are the leaders in UMNO....they were once decent people. There were once Malays who had the well-being and welfare of other Malays in their hearts. They wanted the Malays to succeed in education, in business and they wanted the Malays to be able to stand with pride amongst the other races in Malaysia. They started their life in politics with these thoughts.
But instead for over fifty years leaders in UMNO have been beating this country of ours to near death. It would do Najib good if he stops to understand that we are all individuals amongst the faceless masses that he see. He must listen to what we have to say Understand what we aspire to. Or, better yet, understand that all that we simply want is the right to earn a decent living, a roof over their heads and the freedom to live our live to the best of our ability in peace.
Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. ~Chief Seattle, 1855
If you understand this, then maybe you will understand the need to have compassion, decency and aspire to do well to others in your time as Prime Minister…in your time in life. ….but maybe…just maybe…it might be too much to ask of you and of those in Barisan Nasional.


I have nothing to say, no comments and nothing to add to this video...just watch. listen and you will know in your heart what direction UMNO is heading has already reached ground level and is now beginning to dig it's own grave.


steadyaku47 comment : This nation is moving towards the truest sense of the word. Once this Idiot and BN is through with our Nation there will be nothing left of any consequence. I pray there are enough individuals in the Army today who will be true to their creed GAGAH SETIA...and that there are enough of them in ATM to stand firm against any attempt by any party to use the Army for their own purpose. So help me God. 

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Tell me....what is that army guy doing, in the presence of BN members? This must be in Kedah, and don't tell this has got to do with the upcoming GE. My advise to the army guy (whoever he is) is not to be a 'doggy' to these goons. Stand up and say...."I don't take instruction from politicians".

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Friday, 19 January 2018



PNB And EPF To Bail Out Spiralling Costs Of London's Battersea Power Station!

18 JAN 2018
Battersea Power Station has been sold by a Malaysian Government-controlled consortium to the Malaysian Government-controlled funds PNB and EPF for a RECORD COST of RM8.7 billion (£1.6bn).......
Like a development black hole on the South Bank, the Battersea Park development has just swallowed up a gargantuan RM8.6 billion (£1.6 billion) of Malaysia’s public money from the two savings funds EPF and PNB – no doubting that behind the decision would have been the face-saving pressure of the Minister of Finance.
The surprise news hit the headlines in London late on Thursday after it became clear that the Malaysian consortium which had been funding the spiralling costs of the project had pulled out and a bail out was required.
It makes it the most expensive property purchase ever in London, dwarfing the so-called Walkie Talkie Tower sale for £1.3 bn last year.
The cost nightmare of the project is spelt out in the figures. The original Sime Derby/ Setia consortium had bought the development in 2012 for what was already considered an eye-watering £400 million, after it had sat for decades as a crumbling white elephant project on the South Bank.
Compare that to the original price. It was bought from the Central Electricity Generating board in 1987 for just £1.5 million, meaning that the present purchase by Malaysia’s public pension funds is a thousand times greater.
The projected profit return on the project has meanwhile been cut from 20% to 8% since the 2012 sale to the Malaysian consortium led by property developer SP Setia (SETI.KL) and it is still not due to be completed till 2020 – the wider development including malls and further residential blocks will not be finished till 2028.
S P Setia was itself in fact 70% already owned by the two funds through existing shareholdings, so there are plenty of questions to be asked about why these savings funds decided to effectively re-finance their own investment.
Reports have pointed to cost over-runs in all directions, as hazards such as asbestos raised their heads and all four chimney towers needed to be taken down and re-built. London’s Evening Standard newspaper has indicated that the proposed sale came after the building costs doubled from an initial forecast of about 750 million pounds to around 1.5 billion.
Yet today the developers apparently denied that the transaction was in response to an increase in costs. A spokesman for the developers told Reuters:
“Whilst there have been cost increases across the industry and at Battersea Power Station, this transaction is not in reaction to costs. It is simply being concluded to create a long-term stable asset management and ownership platform going forward.”
The building is famed as an iconic London landmark, having been designed as a classic piece of 1930’s architecture by Giles Gilbert Scott. However, many locals have been dismayed by the ugly surround the development has entailed, with fast-built residential blocks of no visible merit destroying once remarkable views of the original building.
To add insult to injury, the developers have been granted permission to cancel their original commitments to affordable housing, as part of the attempt to contain the disastrous cost over-runs. Most of the residential properties have been marketed abroad in South East Asia to well-heeled Malaysians and in Hong Kong and Singapore, at the expense of Londoners, for whom housing has become extremely scarce and exponentially expensive, thanks mainly to wealthy foreign buyers.
So, it appears that all but the mega-rich in both regions have lost out on the project, which was spearheaded by Prime Minister Najib Razak, together wth the government of David Cameron soon after both took office. The mover and shaker behind the deal was the former Trade Minister Lord Marland, a key promoter of UK trade deals with Malaysia, who has called the influx of Malaysian money into London one of his crowning achievements.
Former Mayor Boris Johnson, Cameron and Najib launched the project in 2012
Former Mayor Boris Johnson, Cameron and Najib launched the project in 2012

Battersea Power Station has created planning headaches in London for decades and the present plan is the seventh attempt to find a profitable and acceptable use for the site, whilst preserving a building Londoners did not want destroyed. Without this latest bailout it is understood the entire project was on the brink of being put up for auction.
Relieved developers have trumpeted the buy out as a ‘show of faith’ that will secure the future and completion of the project.
“A spokesman for the Battersea Power Station Development Company said: “This announcement is a tremendous show of faith and means that this iconic London landmark will be maintained for future generations to enjoy long after its restoration is complete.”
It will also save face for Najib Razak in advance of the upcoming election. Whether pensioners who hold savings in PNB and EPF will have reason to be pleased about the quality of the eventual profits from this investment is quite a different matter.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...LIFE.

Talent is God given. Be humble.  
                Fame is man-given. Be grateful.                  
Conceit is self-given. Be careful.
John Wooden

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Breaking News : Malaysia Airlines forced to divert to Alice Springs

Malaysia Airlines flight MH122 to Kuala Lumpur forced to divert to Alice Springs

Updated 8 minutes ago
The husband of a passenger onboard a Malaysia Airlines flight forced to divert to Alice Springs, says his wife has described the experience as "hell".
Flight MH122 was travelling from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon when one of the Airbus A330-300 plane's engines is believed to have been shut down.
Chin Kanani said his wife became alarmed when she heard a banging sound.
"She said she was on the loo when she started hearing loud banging noises from the right-hand side of the plane and that's when all it started," Mr Kanani said.
Around 200 passengers were onboard the flight at the time, including 17-year-old Mohamad Zogheib who says it was a "terrifying" experience.
"We get the pilot on the loud speaker saying we've got to make an emergency landing," he said.
"Then we get another call a bit later from the pilot saying we were landing in Alice Springs and so that would be another hour and a half on the plane."
Malaysia Airlines said the flight was diverted due to technical reasons and that safety is its priority at all times.
The airline said the aircraft departed Sydney about 1:00pm this afternoon.
Passengers have been told they will have to stay overnight in Alice Springs.
Hotels are being arranged for passengers while replacement flights are organised by Malaysia Airlines.
First posted 47 minutes ago


cakap cakap in my Facebook...

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Andrew Gregory Sewell Hussein Abdul Hamid.....let me assure you that those of us who live in the main cities in west & East Malaysia know about all the rot you write about and know that we want a change in this political slavery. The majority of voters either are not fluent or illeterate in english....these are the rural malays and east malaysians. While it may seem that if u write in BM it may open their minds to the truth the reality is completely different. Both groups of these people are partly feudal (who will listen to their overlords who r in these modern times known as MP, ADUNS, Ketua Kg, Penghulus, Temmengongs who have all been bought by BN, some for a pitance) and also easily pacified by free hand outs (be it HDPE water tanks or roofing sheets for their wants are simple and they cannot see beyond today) and scared into losing their constitutional guaranteed right of Special Privileges as Bumiputeras which their overlords say the oposition will take away. Since the Mahathir Era every election was guaranteed by East Malaysian seats in Parliament. And things havent changed amongst these 2 groups of voters. How thus does the truth you speak help change this use less eventuality for what use is there of truth or falsehood if it does not change anything just as what use is a light in the darkness if No one needs to navigate or see anything ? And this sadly is the truth BN knows and keeps playing this same game over and over and which will help them win this coming election too.
Hock C Ooi DAP is doing their parts in Sarawak and Sabah ??
Andrew Gregory Sewell Hock C Ooi yes they are but only in the cities and city folk in EM do not make up the majotity of voters. The Opposition from WM is stopped and deported at EM airports. Opposition members who are EM citizens do not have the financial resources to tackle the logistics - the majotity of EM voters live in hinterland/interiors which is accessible either by 4x4 only and several hours upstream by sampan. They cannot have enough 4x4 nor helicopters to reach these areas. Another problem is that if u try to enter you will be stopped by the Feudal lord who has been bought already....i kniw few of them, lived with them and know how they think. And the police are glad to assist them. Its a dead lock.
Andrew Gregory Sewell P.S. rural areas in EM are not similar to WM. In peninsula a rural district may have as much as 50 to 100k people. So getting to a few of these areas will make a difference. In the Interiors of EM a typical village would comprise of about 10-15 houses with eligible voters amounting to less than 50. And the next village is some 10-50kms away.
Hock C Ooi They do come to towns. Their children are working in towns. Technology solutions
Andrew Gregory Sewell They come to towns once in a blue moon and their reason is to seek medical treatment or buy sundries. They do not have the time nor money to sit down and gossip or buy a meal in a coffee shop as the fare to go to and fro their village to the towns is itself a handsome sum. Very few actually live with their kids who work in cities and may visit them once in a few years as the tradition is that the kids go back for Christmas or the very least gawai/kaamaatan. And they r already averse to what has been labelled Opposition Lies/Propaganda.
Jermyn Seow Yen Huei Completely agree with what u are trying to tell us.

It will take a few secession.. At least another two to three generations must go for them to finally embrace the modernisation influence their children bring..

Election in third world country is change proof. It will take a revolution to change such world
Hock C Ooi We all now know the issues and reality. 

Just need to find doable solutions. 

Can work with the children to educate the parents
Andrew Gregory Sewell Jermyn Seow Yen Huei history both ancient (from begining od time till 1399) and modern(from 1400 till present day) shows us that in such a predicament only revolution can change the status quo....we have so many examples just in SEA itself....Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand....but problem is the malaysian is too afraid to loose what little he has for he thinks it is everything. Thats the reason why all the Bersih never went beyond the 2-3 day fanfare. In other countries it woukd have snow balled into a people power revolution where people are willing to risk their jobs/incomes/property/life for a better tomorrow.
Andrew Gregory Sewell Hock C Ooi their family amd social set up is different. Felial piety and respect for elders is foremost and going against that is taboo. To even try and convince your elders that what they uave been told is a lie is disrespectful. So adult children leave their parents be in the knowledge they have. Remember for us here acquisition of knowledge is power/an asset. But for them more knowledge serves no purpose for the lives they are content with.
Hock C Ooi Andrew Gregory Sewell 
Thanks for sharing and your wisdom. 

If they can vote for BN, they can vote for anyone else 🙂